Daily menu and interactive digital calendar (preschool)

Daily menu and interactive digital calendar (preschool)

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Full DIGITAL daily menu under the minimalist theme.

Document of approximately 132 files containing:
- Periods from 1 to 6 with space to enter the hours.
- The different subjects and times of a day.
- 15 boxes of blank periods.
- 3 badges for educational services (orthopedagogy, francization and educational assistance service)
- 3 tablets from the work surface (urgent, I must and I can)
- “No absence” card
- Complete calendar (months, days and numbers)
- 4 models for identifying desks or bins.
- 6 models for identifying lockers or small bins.

Color version.

* Please note that this is a DIGITAL document. Furthermore, to err is human. If you see something, do not hesitate to write to us by email so that we can rectify everything and send you the modified document!

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