PRINTED daily menu (polka dots)

PRINTED daily menu (polka dots)

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Simple PRINTED and digital daily menu.

Allow 3 to 5 weeks for production and delivery.

Document of more than 200 files containing:


  • Periods from 1 to 6 with space to record hours.
  • The different subjects and times of a day (snack, morning routine, evening routine, dinner, recess x2, English, physical education, plastic arts, music, library, drama, mathematics x2, French x2, reading, writing, dictation, writing workshops, science and technology, computing, ethics and religious culture, social universe, work plan, privilege period, workshops, free games, evaluation, special event, Quebec culture and citizenship).

Total of 37 posters printed and laminated on rigid cardboard.


  • Poster Menu of the day
  • Clock pellets
  • 15 boxes of blank periods.
  • 3 badges for educational services (orthopedagogy, francization and educational assistance service)
  • 3 tablets from the work surface (urgent, I must and I can)
  • 3 tablets for departures home (bus, daycare and walker).
  • “No absence” sign
  • Full interactive calendar (title, month, days of the week, numbers, event icons, weather, season, yesterday, tomorrow and today)
  • 4 models for identifying desks or bins.
  • 6 models for identifying lockers or small bins.
  • Identification of schoolbags
  • Birthdays

Around fifty blank templates to modify on PowerPoint.

Color version.

The fonts used are:




- KAPinkSugar

* Please note that this is a DIGITAL document. Furthermore, to err is human. If you see something, do not hesitate to write to us by email so that we can rectify everything and send you the modified document!

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